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Tel Aviv Port -when the best views meet lifestyle and high culinary

There aren't many places which you can say have everything. An open sea view on one side, expanses of green on the other and a host of attractions in between. Plus, design and cultural events and eclectic cuisine for the entire family, all by day and by night.

The Hebrew carousel at the Tel Aviv Port

Lifestyle shops, fashion, sports, restaurants and an amazing food market! Fitness clubs, a Hebrew carousel, a sandbox and a colorful fountain.
A sea breeze and one sign you simply can't stop being photographed with. All that and more can be found in the Tel Aviv Port, managed by the Atarim company.

-The food marketat

The Port is a perfect place for tourists to become acquainted with the city of Tel Aviv. It's where the extreme sports halls meet the vibrant seaside promenade, next to the popular bathing beach. The bustling food market meets galleries filled with inspiration, exhibitions, plays, performances and even a hostel. There is entertainment for children,with your other half or for the entire family.

The fountain Photo by Yael Tzur

A visit to the farmers' market is obligatory for those interested in the sights, sounds and scents of Tel Aviv's culinary scene. For more than a decade, farmers from all over the country have been coming to the Port on Fridays to offer their produce from farm to table. On other days of the week, the Port's food market offers a large variety of delicious things to eat, all under one roof.

Looking for a place to sleep? The Spot Hostel, which just opened at the entrance to the Port, is the kind of creative, innovative and low-cost solution found in many cities. Walking distance from the beach and the sea, the hostel is adjacent to a range of rich and varied entertainment options, with large public areas and a young, vibrant atmosphere to create a shared experience for a community of backpackers.

Photo by Gal Zonenshein

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