Attractions at the Port

Attractions at the Tel-Aviv Port – experiences you can take home!

You can’t pack an ocean breeze or the caress of the sun and splashes generated by the waves breaking on the pier to take home. You can, however, capture memories and moments to take back home. Located throughout the Tel-Aviv port are installations, sculptures and a range of attractions that will stimulate your senses and remain with you for a long time.



Tel-Aviv Yafo is a city of love. Endless love, of all varieties, types and hues. The city embodies and radiates openness, tolerance, pluralism, culture and art, spreading this love from the city to the rest of the world. On the main deck, north of the sandbox, with a backdrop of ocean and perfect sunsets, are the letters spelling out the city’s name, which has since become an icon where everyone takes pictures. With Love.

Location: Deck, near the sandbox

המנוף בנמל תל אביב

The Crane

From 1938 to 1965, the giant crane was used to load and unload cargo and merchandise. It was the only one of its kind that operated in Israel. This is not just a crane. It is a jib crane!

When it turned 81, it underwent a facelift and an insane light installation was installed to commemorate its activity and contribution to lifting vessels during World War II.

Arrived at the Port? Try taking a picture with the crane at an angle that creates an optical illusion as if the crane is lifting you!

Planning and execution – Kochavi and Kimchi

Location: in the marina, near the main deck

The wings statue

“I Have Wings”

The angel wings sculpture at the Levant Fair was gifted to the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality from the Jewish community in Mexico City. The sculpture,  a reproduction of the “Alas De La Cuidad” (Wings of the City) outdoor sculpture of artist Jorge Marin located in Mexico City, spans 3 meters in height.

Truthfully? Arriving at the Tel-Aviv Port and leaving without taking a picture with these wings is inexcusable. Go for it!

Location: near the amphitheater and banks of the Yarkon.

המזרקה ביריד המזרח צלמה יעל צור צלמת

Music and Light Fountain

*The fountain is on its annual winter break and will return in the spring.

To be amazed by the magic of color and water or just take a break to enjoy the simplicity. In the Levant Fair area, near the entrance from Plumer Square, you will find the colorful fountain that operates every day between 09:00-01:00 at night.

Our recommendation? Take your kids there. They will thank you for it.

Location: near SuperPharm.

The First Hebrew Carousel

Truth be told? It is not clear who will enjoy the carousel at the Port more: you or your children. Its design is inspired by elements from the 1950s and 1960s. Among the characters on the carousel are Hassakeh, Vespa, Susita or the milk truck. The billboard at the center displays nostalgic ads for Tnuva milk or Ema dishwashing liquid, making every moment into a stunning image. For dessert? Beloved Eretz Israel songs playing in the background. Arrived at the Port? Take the kids for a round in Israeli nostalgia and childhood.

Already there? Look north and take several steps to find yourself in a giant sandbox! The children will build castles and you? You can look from the sidelines and enjoy the breeze.

Planning and design: Anat and Ilan Berman

Location: Central deck near the sandbox

הגרמופון מנגן קלאסיקות ילדים
סיפורי ילדים בגרמופון הענק

The Gramophone

It’s been a long time since you worked like this for some music…

This gramophone offers visitors to the Port the opportunity to sweat a little to enjoy some music. All that you need to do is to turn the handle, and the music – of Umm Kulthum to Yehoram Gaon to Frank Sinatra – blares out from the giant speaker. When the turning of the handle ends, so does the music. If you want more music, you need to roll up your sleeves again. Any volunteers?

Location: near SuperPharm.

heart frame by dan shabtay

The New Heart

The Tel-Aviv Port renewed itself with a giant 2.5-meter-high red heart.

The heart display is installed in the northern section of the Port, between Hangars 26-29, and used as the perfect setting for Instagram photos with the ocean as a backdrop.

Come fall in love and take a picture. Don’t forget to tag us @portlv on Instagram. Photo: Dan Shabbtai

All of the children jumping, dancing

During the day, from morning to the afternoon, the Levant Fair is a wonderful attraction for children of all ages, from toddlers to children able to participate in the experiences. The Levant Fair is designed to provide children with an array of quality opportunities, brief recreation or even all day fun. The entire Fair offers children charming sights, space for movement and special age-appropriate attractions.

Location: Near Building 17-18 (McDonald’s).

גן משחרים ליד מקדונלדס- ספינת פיראטים

The Large Playground

Having fun with the children in the Large Playground of the Levant Fair is unlike any other recreational activity. The site contains dozens of spectacular facilities for recreation and physical activity on spacious 8 dunams of green lawns (former site of the Maccabiah stadium. The playground is for all ages, from toddlers to children and teens. Dozens of installations in the facility are completely new, some of which have never been seen in Israel. The site is maintained by the Tel-Aviv Yafo Municipality.

Location: near the Tribuna Amphitheater and near Building 16 Levant Fair.